Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed Takes What Is Old And Makes It New

The mayhem-inducing Crypto is back in Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobedwhich gives an updated look to the classic game from 2006.Set ten years after the first game, Crypto comes to seek revenge on theKGB for destroying the Futon mothership and prowls 1960’s Bay Citydestroying most things that get in his path.As with the prior game, Crypto can use an array of weapons and abilitiesto remove enemies as well as impersonate them when the situation callsfor it. Players will also be able to enhance their weapons, skills, andship as the game goes along which is necessary as there are lots ofenemies and annoyances for Crypto to contend with.There is a variety of gameplay available from stealth to guns blazing butfinding the right style for the mission is key as the game does requiresome patience and tactics. One such instance is when I had to snagbomb-laden trucks with a beam from my saucer and dump them into the oceanbefore a timer expired. It was very difficult to see if the truck hadactually been snared by the beam and it did lead to some trial and erroras well as frustrations along the way.The game has a nice mix of locales and while Crypto sounds like JackNicholson, still has some epic lines and disdain for humanity whichmakes his pulp-era rampages so much fun.The updated graphics look good but the limitations of the gameplay of theera do show as it would be nice to have a bit more options with themovement of the Saucer during missions.The game does offer co-op via Split Screen which is a nice feature toenjoy for console players as it is a bit tricky on a PC. That being said,the game brings an updated dose of nostalgia and should tide fans overuntil the next release in the series.3 stars out of 5