Atari Joins Stadia’s Retro Games

Lots of updated classics here.

Today, Atari’s popular Recharged series joins Stadia’s newly formed Retro Games category. Now, six titles from Atari’s new-retro series — Breakout, Black Widow, Gravitar, Asteroids, Centipede, and Yars: Recharged — are available to play on the Stadia store. Additionally, Atari has announced that all of the Recharged games have been updated with new content, including never-before-seen levels and game modes, available now on the Stadia versions, as well as Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic.

The titles in the Atari Recharged series deliver modern, reimagined versions of some of Atari’s best-known and beloved games from the golden age of gaming. Each game is available on the Stadia store for $9.99 and includes significant updates to the original releases. Each title includes additional challenge levels, previously only available on the Atari VCS.