What to do for a newbie in the World of Warcraft universe


The World of Warcraft is diverse and saturated with various game mechanics that game developers Blizzard add to MMOs with each new major update.


The abundance of updates and the outflow of players led the developers to the need to restart the project on the most popular chronicles, marked classic.


Players are offered a more complex leveling system, difficulties in extracting gold and many more differences from the main version.


Beginners can order classic wow powerleveling or upgrade on their own.


Let’s discuss the actions that a beginner should take when getting into World of Warcraft Classic:


  • Choose a faction
  • Choose a class
  • Get trained
  • Quest leveling system
  • Professions


Choose a faction


According to the game plot, the World of Warcraft has become an arena for the battle of the two largest factions, each of which includes many races. Alliance and Horde faction.


The player first chooses a faction, and then chooses from the available races. Now there are no obvious advantages of one of the factions, and it is worth choosing solely on the basis of appearance and basic preferences.


Choose a class


WoW, has a huge selection of classes and each has its pros and cons. I will not impose a specific class on you, I will only say that for the first character, refuse the role of a support – You need to learn to understand the basic mechanics of the game world – you should not take on your shoulders difficult professions on which the success of the raid depends and which are much more difficult to pump in alone. Choose Damage Diller – a character with a specialization in dealing damage.


Get trained


Despite the fact that training in MMO projects is often a standard event with classic actions, it should not be underestimated. In a project like WoW Classic, it is important to learn how not to move – all players can already do this, the main thing is to master the main game mechanics, try out the skills of your character and learn the whole history of game continents through story missions.


Quest leveling system


The quest leveling system is the basis of the World of Warcraft. This does not mean that the whole game is just running around on quests and stupidly following all the rules – this is the basis for obtaining levels that you can deviate from when you understand the game mechanics a little. Otherwise, you risk spending hours and days killing the wrong monsters in order to get a minimum of resources and experience than you would earn on quests.


Also, quests lead the character along the storyline and constantly give out new equipment, such tasks should not be missed, because the key to quickly gaining levels is a good weapon.




Professions are game activities that can be developed in parallel with the basic leveling.


What you need to know about professions:


You can choose and upgrade no more than two main professions

Professions are collective and manufacturing

There are three separate professions available to everyone without requiring a separate slot – fishing, cooking, archeology.


Gathering Professions:


Collecting herbs – explore the game locations in search of flowers and plants, required for alchemy and first aid. Can be sold.

Skinning – take a knife from a special NPC. Attack animals and skin them. Needed for leatherworking and light armor production. Can be sold.

Mining – you will need a pickaxe, which can be bought from a special NPC. Find rocks and mine ore, sometimes you can get gems. Ore is used in blacksmithing, and gems in jewelry.


Manufacturing professions:


Tailoring – craft magical armor. An original profession, for the extraction of consumables, it is enough to kill monsters.

Alchemy – create offensive and defensive potions using herbs and flowers.

Blacksmithing – create heavy armor and weapons using ore, which must be smelted into special ingots.

Jewelcrafting – allows you to create jewelry with unique characteristics. The most demanded and expensive profession to upgrade due to the difficulty of obtaining consumables. Additionally, creates orbs – spheres for battle mages.

Leatherworking – use leather to create light armor.

Engineering – produce mechanisms and turrets that will help in battle.

First Aid – Use herbs and flowers to craft bandages and antidotes.


Separate professions:

Fishing – catch fish and sell them, or use them in cooking.

Cooking – cook dishes and upgrade your skill. Eating food temporarily increases the characteristics of the character. The higher the skill, the longer the effect lasts and the more the stats increase.

Archeology – explore the lands of World of Warcraft classic for unique rewards and achievements.