Are there any horse racing games for PS5?

When it comes to horse racing games, unfortunately, there isn’t plenty to choose from. Over the past couple of years, there have been few game releases that offered realistic gameplay, and exciting horse racing and covered the entire process that goes into horse racing from breeding to starting your own stable.

Even though horse racing is the oldest sport in the world, its popularity has only grown over the years, our list of overseas betting sites that deal with such games.

So, if you love horse racing and horse facts like “who is the longest lived horse?” how do you get some games that satisfy you? Does this mean that there are no horse racing games for PlayStation 5?

Well, when it comes to new releases, there isn’t much action in the horse racing gaming community. Ever since the PS5 was released, there weren’t many new horse racing games released apart from Winning Post 9 in 2022.

Fortunately, horse racing games that were available for the PS4, are playable on this-generation console, and you can get them from the PS Store.

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Here are some of the best horse racing games you should download right now.

Best Games Horse racing Games for PlayStation 4 and 5

Winning Post 9

Considering that this game was released in 2022, it is at the top of our list since it has the best graphics and plenty of options to choose from. This game was developed by Koei Temco, and it is probably one of the best horse racing games in the world.

The most important thing when it comes to horse racing games is the physics involved. Fortunately, Winning Post 9 has incredibly realistic game mechanics that allow you to recreate a real-world racing event.

On top of that, it comes with a variety of options from betting, horse breeding, purchasing system, profits, costs, and much more. It is basically like running your own stable.

The best thing about Winning Post 9 is that it comes with a very accurate betting feature, that allows you to recreate and simulate real-world events like the Breeders’ Cup just to see the results of the race.

Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge

Here we’ve got another incredible horse racing game by PikPok and published by means of Home Entertainment supplies. Even though both companies are not very popular inside the gaming community, they nevertheless managed to supply a top-notch horse racing game.

The satisfactory component of Phar Lap is the visuals. It looks as if they spent quite a lot of time designing horses and race venues just to present lovers with a greater real-life recreation.

The best thing about Phar Lap is that it is not only about horse racing. This game has plenty of components that are happening in the world of horse racing behind the curtains. From horse breeding to starting your own stable, and even training your horses.

The main objective of the game is to earn a respect and prestige with your stable and become a popular name in the world of horse racing.

Equestrian Training

This is not much of a horse racing game just because it is centered around taking care of these incredible animals.

This game is based on the official French Horse-riding Federation diplomas, and it is perfect for horse owners that want to learn more about the process. The training of the horses is incredibly accurate, and there are more than 2,500 questions that pop up as a quiz to help you improve your horse knowledge.

You can also ride your horse and take part in many of the fun mini-games that are offered.

Winning Post 8

Even though the newer version of this game was released this year, Winning Post 8 still remains one of the best horse racing games available for both PS4 and PS5. One of the reasons why people still play this game is because the new game Winning post 9 is released only for the Asian region, which means that you cannot purchase it from the PS Store.

With that said, Winning Post 8 is just as good a game. Even the graphics of the game are good enough despite the fact that it was released in 2018.