Talking Remorse: The List With Developer Péter Ifju

Recently I spoke with Péter Ifju the developer of Remorse: The List about what fans can expect from the game.


What is the background and setting for the game?


The story takes us to an abandoned small Hungarian town, where the streets are dark and empty, and the buildings have been battered by the iron teeth of time. The main character is a simple guy who wakes up after a nightmare and soon realizes that something is wrong with the town. Your only help will be a blood-soaked list of unknown origin.


What was the inspiration behind the game?


The game was mainly inspired by horror games of the nineties and mods from around 2010. I liked Silent Hill and Resident Evil games from a young age, which were later followed by horror mods such as Afraid of Monsters or Nightmare House 2. But the list also includes excellent movies such as Jacob’s Ladder or Session 9.



What are some of the weapons that will be available to players and do you hav a favorite?


The game includes the classics such as pistols, shotguns and revolvers, but if you want, you can also use a hammer to convince your opponents. I think my favorite weapon in the game is the bloody spade, I really like how you can feel the power in the blows and the sound of the metal landing on the opponent’s skull sounds awesome too.


What are some of the locales players will encounter?


The game features a relatively large city area, including suburban and downtown sections too. For example, during our journey we will stop at a pharmacy, where we will be able to treat our wounds with the help of the stuff there, but we will also visit a tool shop with some useful things lying around. For those who like to roam and explore larger buildings, the game includes the city hospital, a police station, as well as several block of flats.


What have been the biggest challenges with the game and the greatest triumphs?


Since our team basically consists of two members, we have had to deal with quite a few things over the years. We learned almost everything by ourselves during development and could only rely on the internet for our questions. But perhaps the most difficult thing was maintaining focus, which requires a lot of persistence and dedication. In addition to our day job, we had to sit down almost every day and develop the game for many years. These nearly five years will always be filled with pride and joy when I look back on them. It feels a bit like a dark souls boss, where after a lot of suffering and trying, and a broken controller, the victory is much sweeter and full of satisfaction!



What kinds if enemies will players encounter?


With a few exceptions, most enemies are very fast, aggressive and deadly. It adds a lot to the atmosphere that some monster can crawl out of any dark room and pose a serious threat to the player. They’ll attack you with screaming angle grinders, sharp knives, and even keyboards, so get ready for all kinds of craziness!



What can you tell the readers about the music and sounds in the game?


Since good music and sound are essential for the atmosphere in the horror genre, we paid special attention to this aspect as well. We tried to place as many environmental sounds and noises as possible on the maps, from the chirping of crickets to the distant barking of dogs, but if you listen closely, you can even hear the water gurgling in the radiators on the wall. In terms of music, there are several styles in the soundtrack, from music that suggests loneliness and hopelessness to noisy, terrifying and panic-inducing music. However, I think the most touching ones was created for the endings, even I get emotional there every time I listen to them.


Any plans for DLC or Multiplay?


We are currently working on a free DLC for the game that will be available for download to anyone who owns the base game. For now, we are not planning a multiplayer mode for the game.


Will the game release on consoles?


Yes, Remorse: The List will be coming to consoles and thanks to the huge help from the Feardemic team, the game will be released on Switch, Xbox and Playstation! Release dates will be announced soon, so get ready!

Check out the game at Remorse: The List on Steam (