TÁR Is A Dense And Slow Burning Look At Classical Music

This film isn’t for everyone. It is a dense, slow burn that builds with each act of the film. No doubt that some viewers will find it difficult to focus or pay attention. However, those who find it intriguing, will be drawn to each evolving piece of the title character as if they were listening to a symphony that builds on itself with each musical movement.

Cate Blanchett delivers an excellent performance as the title character Lydia Tár

We are introduced to Tár as she is being interviewed for being a generational talent. Over the first act, we witness her commitment to her craft, her education required to be a genius, and her expression of feeling that the music brings her. Tár appears to be the genuine article of the classical music world and it appears we are on a journey to follow her in creating a masterpiece.

Yet, as the film progresses, we are introduced piece by piece to her flawed and manipulative nature that comes with her power of being a virtuoso. With each additional insight, we are left wondering what is going to happen next, albeit, at an intentionally slow pace for us to decipher as we go.

Couple the pace with outstanding sound design, and we have a film that is worth a watch by cinephiles and those who are looking for higher thought in their entertainment.

4 out of 5 stars