Halloween Ends Closes The New Trilogy With What Fans Expect

The final film in the new “Halloween” trilogy has arrived with “Halloween
Ends” and it looks to bring closure to the character of Laurie Strode
(Jamie Lee Curtis) and the terror of Michael Myers.

The film takes place about four years after the events of “Halloween
Kills” and Michael has not been seen since leaving some to speculate that
he died while others are convinced he is still out there. The fear brought
on by Myers still hangs over the community and suicides and other horrific
aftermaths of his terror keep the community from healing and moving on.

Laurie has decided to write a book about her experiences and while raising
her Granddaughter Allyson (And Matichak), she is coming to peace with her
life and has even awkwardly flirted with Officer Hawkins (Will Patton).

When a young man named Corey (Rohan Campbell), is involved in a tragic
the event, he is marked as a psycho by the community and is often the subject
of abuse from the locals. Laurie sees a person in need and introduces him
to Allyson which starts a relationship that should help both of them heal
and move on.

When Corey is roughed up by locals, he discovers Michael is indeed alive
and well and Michael sees something in Corey due to his past and lets him
live. This sparks a change in Corey as he starts to manifest a darker side
where killing and revenge are his motivations and Michael is his mentor.

At this point, it seemed as if the film would be a tale of revenge and
Michael would be grooming a potential replacement but it actually becomes
a bit convoluted as the film seems to be unsure of which storylines to
advance. After a slow start in the carnage department, the body count
rises quickly but without the pacing and tension normally associated with
the best films in the series.

It all leads up to a final confrontation between Michael and Laurie which
should delight fans as Curtis is truly magnificent and their brutal and
deadly dance had the audience cheering during my press screening.

While one device I saw coming a mile away as it was clear someone would be
dealing with it, the film does deliver even if the plot is more muddled
then fans would like. While it does not reach the greatness of the new
reboot, “Halloween Ends” is a fitting finale and is better than several of
the films in the series that followed it, the biggest issue is that the
the first film in the trilogy set such a high standard, it was nearly
impossible for the next two films to measure up.

3 stars out of 5