The Muppets Mayhem: NYCC Interviews

Coming to Disney+ next year is The Muppets Mayhem – a new show that brings
longtime band The Electric Mayhem into the spotlight and the modern music
machine. The show follows an aspiring music executive played by Lilly
Singh, who along with her influencer sister (Saara Chaudry) tries to help
The Electric Mayhem record their first album and finally make it in the
music business. Popping up along the way are Nora’s ex-boyfriend JJ
(Anders Holm) a hot shot music mogul with his own streaming app, and
Electric Mayhem super fan and audiofile Harry “Moog” Mooglan (Tahj Mowry)
rounding out the main human cast.

Speaking to co-creator, executive producer, and voice of Dr. Teeth, Bill
Barretta, we learned that the show had its inception, in part, at the
Outside Lands festival where The Electric Mayhem found themselves playing
for 30,000 fans. Feeling that there was an audience for a show about the
band he was put in touch with producers Adam F. Goldberg and Jeff Yorkes
who were also in the process of pitching their own Muppet series.
Together they came up with the concept of bringing this old school band
into the modern day with a combination of original songs and covers that
fit the band’s 70s rock and roll feel.While talking to Goldberg and Yorkes as well as co-star Mowry, I was
particularly struck by the reverence and love for the Muppets. Jeff
Yorkes, specifically, has an almost encyclopedic Muppet knowledge. It’s
reminiscent of Jason Segel’s affection for Jim Henson’s creations which
made 2011’s The Muppets such a special film. With songwriters like Linda
Perry and guests stars such as Cheech and Chong combined with a YouTube
star like Singh and other young cast members, the show promises a unique
blend of the old and new – giving us new insight into the beloved band who
have become fan favorites without ever having been the main focus of
previous Muppet projects.

All three co-creators and executive producers were raring to go with more
ideas for a second season and beyond; all were very keen on the idea of
following the band on tour. It was clear they all relished the idea of
giving Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Janice, Zoot, and Lips along with mayhem
incarnate Animal, more of a voice, discovering more than they ever had
about these characters. Barretta himself is evidence of just how personal
the show is, sharing that he sometimes got emotional discussing character
moments which ended up being woven into the show, giving Dr. Teeth a rare
emotional moment. Though we still know very little about the show,
including an exact premiere date in 2023, evidence suggests it will be a
love letter to the unsung musical heroes of the Muppet crew and another
dose of all too rare Muppet magic.