My Policeman Is A Compelling And Moving Film You Will Not Want To Miss

Based on the book by Bethan Roberts, “My Policeman” is a sad tale of
conformity, love, loss, and regret.

Harry Styles stars as a Policeman named Tom who catches the eye of Patrick
(David Dawson) in the line of duty. The innocent Tom is taken with the
dashing Patrick as his job in a museum is filled with culture and
adventure which is appealing to Tom.

Tom is dating a teacher named Marion (Emma Corrin) who is smitten with Tom
and hopes that he will soon propose. Tom, Patrick, and Marion soon spend
much of their time with one another at the museum, concerts, dinners, etc
as Marion is unaware that Tom and Patrick have been involved in a physical
the relationship in England in the 1950s was illegal and carried harsh
criminal penalties.

The film jumps to the future where a now-retired Tom and Emma care
for a stroke-laden Patrick which has caused severe friction for them as
Tom has attempted to leave the past behind and has cut off all contact
with Patrick over the years blaming him for the issues that would befall
them later in life.

Jumping between the two eras we see how the relationship between Tom and
Patrick evolved and how Marion became suspect of the two and how she was
convinced she could have Tom for herself.

The film is a very raw and at times moving look at conforming to the
requirements of society and the pain of living with choices. There were
more than a few tears being shed by people in the audience who clearly
connected with the themes of the film as well as the strong performances
from the cast.

The movie does take some time to get started but uses it to develop the
characters and the world in which they live as well as help explain their
motivations better.

The movie will have a limited theatrical run starting on October 21st
before moving to Prime Video in November and it is a compelling and moving
the film you will not want to miss.

4 stars out of 5