5 Fun Ways To Celebrate A Love Of Minecraft

Since its release in late 2011, Minecraft has become much loved by millions worldwide. If you’re one of these people, chances are you enjoy sharing that love with like-minded fans. The great news is there are more ways to do this than only talking about Minecraft at every opportunity. Indulge in some fun new ways to celebrate your love of Minecraft that others will enjoy getting involved with also.


Whether you aspire to fame or want an outlet for talking about your favorite game, creating a YouTube channel is an excellent option. The scope for talk topics is vast, from walk-throughs to discussing aspects of gameplay. YouTube channels can be private, letting small groups have a safe place to share gameplay videos and discuss them. Alternatively, leaving a channel open gives the creator scope to grow its audience and share the love with many.

Make A Banner

If you’re going to the effort of creating a server to play with friends on, bring it to life with a personalized banner. There are plenty of Minecraft banner designs available to get you started. Not only are you adding the personal touch to your server, but you’re creating a transferable brand. Tie your server and Minecraft YouTube channel together with graphics in the banner, letting players and viewers find you easily.

Throw A Party

Minecraft attracts fans of all ages, unlike other games, making it the ideal party theme. Children love the characters and will be delighted to have Steve and company appear on their cake and decorations. The block nature of every element certainly makes cake composition and decoration easy for amateur bakers. There are plenty of party games to keep everyone amused; why not start with a ghast pinata and see who can defeat this nether mob first?


Decorations aren’t only for parties; they’re for every day. Add some fun to home décor with your favorite mobs spicing up the soft furnishings. Keep your feet warm with a creeper or TNT rug because life’s more fun when the floor might explode under you. Or put a twist on a classic bedroom item and give a Minecraft piggy bank pride of place on the bookshelf.

Offline Game Play

If you’re looking to spend less time online but don’t want to stop playing in the Minecraft world, why not give the board game a try? Minecraft: Builders & Biomes is a fun strategy game that has cleverly incorporated well-known features of the original computer game into an engaging tabletop game. Suitable for players ten years and over, this game is a terrific way to spend an afternoon with family and friends. Older players can probably think of interesting additional rules to add that ensure it stays interesting for longer.

Minecraft appeals to an incredibly varied audience of all ages and, as such, ought to be enjoyed not only with online gameplay. Embrace your passion with a server banner, a themed party, or funky mobs as décor.