Ticket To Paradise Is A Formulaic Comedy With A Good Cast

If you have seen the trailer or movie poster for Ticket to Paradise, you know what you are walking into. A romantic comedy starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts…and if we are being honest with ourselves, that’s really all we need for an enjoyable time.

As divorced parents who cannot stand each other, Clooney and Roberts constantly trade humorous verbal jabs anytime they are near each other. Their on-screen chemistry is entertaining and its clear the two of them had fun while making this film. The two of them are forced to work together to stop their daughter Lily (Kaitlyn Dever), from throwing away her life by marrying someone she met on holiday in Bali. The two of them think their daughter is making the same mistake they did when they were young. However, throughout the process of reminiscing on their own relationship, getting to know the groom’s family and the rituals surrounding marriage in his culture, they begin to question if they know what is best for their daughter.

Standard romantic comedy delivered.

Yet at times, if feels like the film does not know the tone it wishes to set. While there are plenty of comedic elements, the tone is played more realistic, in which, Clooney and Roberts shine and we get the movie we expect. However, at times the film’s comedy goes into an overly ridiculous tone when the film unnecessarily inserts a love interest for Roberts played by Lucas Bravo. Bravo’s performance is not bad for his character however I could not help but find him distracting anytime he was on screen. He is completely out of place compared to the comedic tone set by the rest of the cast and story. He feels like he was added to the film for “additional” comic relief, but instead I found him distracting from why we are there in the first place, to see George Clooney and Julia Roberts together.

In all, Ticket to Paradise is a basic formulaic romcom where fans of George Clooney and Julia Roberts will enjoy seeing them together, but delivers little more.

3 out of 5 stars