Android Games to Play With Bluetooth Controller

If you are not ready to miss the positive experience of using a controller on your Android phone, there is great news for you. A wide range of Android games can be connected to the controller via Bluetooth for those who prefer to press the button in reality instead of taping back and forth. You will find more games on, but now you have to start with something.

Best 5 Games on Android for Controller Owners

Once you decide you want to use a controller playing Android games, you find out that Play Store does not usually indicate this compatibility. You have to gather information about the game before you go to the store and pick up your phone and controller. Check out this small list that may help you to make a choice:

  • Dead Cells. This is a platformer with roguelike elements. After its release, the audience quickly recognized all its benefits, making this game highly popular in the world. You may choose whether you want 30FPS or just an unlimited number in the settings. The graphics are incredible for any Android game.
  • Railbound. This game is a puzzle. It was released by Golf Peaks developers. Every detail in the game is well-thought and advanced. You will see great animation, interesting gameplay, and lots of humor. There is a storybook theme, so you can imagine how polished it is. You will like this crazy, fun game obsessed with trains and railroads.
  • Into the Breach. This is a Netflix creation, but don’t worry, it looks awesome, and it is the real deal. It is a mix of strategy and indie genres. The gameplay is rather challenging, with deep meaning behind everything, while pixel graphics look nostalgic and classic. You will like this game if you like Final Fantasy Tactics and X-Com.
  • Doom. This is a legend among games, and you can’t miss it. Doom is the father and founder of FPS. If you grew up playing the games from the series, you might already feel nostalgic. Bethesda decided not to change its masterpiece and release the same version of classic Doom on mobile. There may be a problem with the sounds, but the rest works perfectly good;
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. There was no chance that Castelvania could be left behind on this list. This classic title of Metroidvania was made by Konami and is available on the Play Store. It costs $3, which is a small price for such a masterpiece. It is a classic 2D platformer you may have missed. It offers nonlinear gameplay with lots of explorations available.

Choose Your Android Game

Before you choose anything from the list, think about your favorite genres and the graphics you like the most. You don’t have to make a choice if you don’t want to since you can download all the games from the Play Store and play them one by one. Make sure that you have enough time to master your skills and play with the controller in advance.