WOW Fans To Access Their Full History

Looks like a fun event for fans to take part in.


Older than Twitter itself, World of Warcraft (released in 2004) quickly became one of the pillars of the #GamingTwitter community, with 350k people Tweeting about the game at least thrice since Twitter launched (in 2006), and 66k people Tweeting about the game at least thrice in 2021. Twitter Next (Twitter’s in-house brand strategy team) leaned into Twitter research, analyzing more than 16 years of WoW conversation in an effort to truly understand what WoW gamers care about.
Next found that WoW gamers on Twitter are unique in their love for lore, inspiring Blizzard and Next to create #WarcraftStory to help spark excitement from WoW fans in the lead up to the Dragonflight launch. On Nov. 3, Blizzard is launching #WarcraftStory on Twitter. For the first time ever, players will be able to access their full WoW history (including a look-back at their creations and top achievements) in the form of a custom story (beyond just stats) about their in-game character. All they have to do is Tweet!
Take a look below to learn how it works and see attached for graphic assets.
  • First, fans Tweet details about their character including their name, realm, and region, tagging @Warcraft and using the #WarcraftStory hashtag.
  • Then, a unique connection of the Twitter API and Warcraft API will automatically find and compose the character’s complete #WarcraftStory and send it back to the player in the form of a scribe by replying to the player’s Tweet.
  • As an Easter Egg, dedicated fans can unlock additional stories and content by continuing to reply to the initial @Warcraft CTA Tweet.
  • Anyone who Tweets #WarcraftStory will also get notified on Twitter when the Dragonlight expansion pack is available later this year.
If it’s not clear yet, fans are incredibly nostalgic about many aspects of WoW and they want to tell their stories on Twitter because it’s the place where the gaming conversation is happening every minute of every single day – in fact, there were 1.5 BILLION Tweets about gaming in the first half of 2022 alone (up 36% YoY). Through the #OnlyOnTwitter activation, Blizzard and Twitter are giving WoW fans the opportunity to memorialize their character’s unique tales within the digital realm.