Spirited Is A Charming Modern Take On The Classic Christmas Story

The Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Story has had many adaptations
over the decades and the timeless tale of redemption has become a holiday
tradition for many.

In the new film “Spirited”, Will Ferrell stars as The Ghost of Christmas
Present and it is learned that every year he and his team select one
individual to redeem. They then spend the next year with their crew
building sets to recreate an individuals past as well as other necessary
components to complete their mission.

While searching for the next person to redeem, the team encounters Clint
Briggs (Ryan Reynolds), who has built a fortune on destroying others for
the benefit of his clients and seems to take great pleasure in bringing
down others.

Clint also has a very cold and distant relationship with his Niece and
brother as well as his employee Kimberly (Octavia Spencer), who is good at
what she does but has deep regrets about her work.

When it is learned that Clint is only the second person in history to be
tagged beyond redemption, Present takes up the challenge to redeem Clint
who turns out to be the biggest challenge he has faced.

The duo then jump in and out of elements of Clint’s life, past, present,
and future, an in the process Present questions aspects of his past, his
wishes, and goals often with comedy-laden results.

What really sets the film into overdrive are the funny and catchy musical
numbers that pop up as Reynolds and Ferrell sing and dance their way
through numbers with loads of charm, energy, and humor.
The supporting cast is great and the music will have you smiling and
singing along with a smile.
The movie was a real pleasure and I can see “Spirited” becoming a new
holiday tradition in our home and one that I think can become a modern

4 stars out of 5.