What common in casino online games and World of Warcraft

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The Guinness Book of Records has named World of Warcraft the most popular MMORPG game. The number of players in it exceeds ten million people. World of Warcraft allows you to plunge into a new world where the player has many different activities. Race selection, character training, improving skills, and participation in the eternal confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance allow you to plunge into virtual reality.

However, there are some shortcomings. For example, in World of Warcraft, there is still no casino. Some addons allow you to play gambling, but the official gambling house is in the game. And it’s somewhat strange because online casinos are hugely successful among players nowadays. Slots, roulette, poker, blackjack – these games have existed for many years and have won many fans, including among fans of World of Warcraft. There are even unique resources devoted to the world of online casinos. Read the portal about casino online Switzerland; there, you can find a considerable amount of helpful information for players, from reviews of the latest slots to announcing bonuses, which are currently in effect in notable casinos.

Is a casino possible in WoW?

Returning to the possibility of a casino in World of Warcraft, it is not necessary that it took place in the game for real money. Such a venture is fraught with various legal and bureaucratic delays; however, this gambling house may well function as an in-game currency. In World of Warcraft, there is in-game gold with all the settlements.

How do you like going to the casino, for example, at the Lunar Festival, and a couple of hours to get out of the fabulously wealthy man, orc, or elf? Or lose a few coins for your pleasure after a long raid. Or roll in a noisy company with your friends and see whose luck is better. The options – a lot; it’s just a matter of the casino itself. Developers do not hurry to arrange a gambling house in one of the locations of the World of Warcraft, but they also do not deny the possibility of its appearance.

Besides the primary goal of the game, there is a significant number of side quests and entertainment:

  • you can go fishing,
  • mine useful resources,
  • improve your skills in trading,
  • attend various events and activities.


Original Image: pexels

All this creates a sense of total immersion, and the game characters’ lives are often dotted with much more vivid events than real people. In general, everything is like in real life. People often flip a coin or draw lots to see how to be. And in general, World of Warcraft has many references to the real world, such as things named after real people, and achievements are well-known expressions and phrases. No wonder it’s hard to leave the idea of continuing the game because no matter how you try to leave the world of Warcraft, returning inevitably unless you get banned. The numbers prove it. Players have spent more than one million years in fantasy worlds. In the U.S., the game takes up an average of 22.7 hours of human time each week. And one in five players who create an account is a woman.

Gambling in the WoW

Even though the game is essentially a strategy, the excitement of the gameplay is spurred by the various bonuses that players receive for improving their reputation. Also, not a slight excitement in Warcraft brings mystery fortune cards.

Mystery Fortune Cards are an opportunity to get 5000 gold at a time, but, as with all gambling, winning depends on chance. This card can be sold, or you can use it and get one of the cards sold, ranging from 10 silver to 5000 gold. However, the probability of getting a huge amount is zero. If you dislike gambling, don’t push your luck and sell these cards. Another outlet for gamblers in WoW is the roll. A roll is similar to a lottery, in which a machine sometimes decides the fate and sometimes by a person. So you can “roll” either manually or automatically. In the first type of drawing, the items are distributed by the rollmaster, in the automatic, there are three options: need, won’t, and don’t. The right to go first, get the people who need the items and in descending order. In the end, whoever rolls a higher number, that’s the winner. The same method is used for disputed situations. The whole process is very reminiscent of card games in online casinos.