Willow Is An Engaging And Charming Follow Up To The Original Film

Willow follows up from the 1988 film and provides not only a nostalgic
look at the characters years later, but expands upon their universe in
what looks to be another winning series for Disney+.

When Queen Sorsha (Joanne Whalley) finds her kingdom suddenly attacked,
her daughter Kit (Ruby Cruz) sets off on a rescue mission and to find the
fabled wizard Willow.
The fabled Elora who was foretold to be a savior but has not been seen
since shortly after the events of the first film making many believe that
she is simply a myth.

As the group travels they encounter many dangers along the way and also
realize that history has a way of embellishing a person over time and that
an individual can be more comfortable living on their legend than facing

I was given access to watch the first three episodes and the series not
only has solid production values, but it was charming to return to the
universe and I am eager to see where the story will go next.

The cast does seem to be a bit muddled in regards to accents as some have them while others do not but that is a minor quibble as the visuals and premise were
engaging and getting a deeper look at the world of “Willow” is always
interesting as I was able to see some concept art and costumes for the
series at the D23 Expo which made me very intrigued about what is to come.

The series starts November 30th on Disney+ and the premise, action,
visuals, and characters should be just what fans of the film have been
waiting for.