Evil West Is A Great Premise Hampered By Bad Camera Angles And Frustrating Gameplay

Combining a Western-themed supernatural game with Third-Person gameplay is an interesting combination and the premise for Evil West. Players will hunt down and defeat a vast array of supernatural enemies using evasion, firepower, and brute force punches.

Players must use key areas of the map to swing over or make their way past barriers as the ability to jump is not a constant option. This tends to make gameplay very linear and limits the strategy options and movement available to players. Imagine having a large open map but you are limited to walking a pathway and you get an idea.

Starting with their fists players will learn to punch, evade, and use combos to defeat enemies skills can be updated over time and will eventually be supported with the use of weapons as the enemies mount in number, variety, and toughness. Having to get in close to deliver combos and finishing moves is a challenge due to the poor camera in-game and the frustrating control system.

The biggest issue with the game playing on a PS5 for me was the control system and camera angles. Punches had to be delivered by the R1 button and Firing a weapon needed a combination of buttons to aim and fire. Combined with a camera angle that was slow to adjust to movements and many times left me with my back to an enemy or unable to properly see the location of enemies made for more than a few frustrating battles.

Graphically the game looked fantastic and the Ray-Tracing on the PS5 was fantastic eye candy but the lack of being able to find multiplayer matches was frustrating. The ability to have help during some of the boss fights would have been great but the matchmaking became even more frustrating than the camera issues and I soon gave up on finding any help.

In the end, the game while looking good and having a solid concept is hampered by the camera issues and the control system as well as a fairly short campaign. The game is good for what it is but could have been and should have been so much better than we got.

If you like a dose of nostalgia with some nice graphics and can tolerate the issues, then Evil West can be a pleasant enough diversion.

3 stars out of 5