M3gan Delivers Fun And Scares In An Enjoyable Surprise

Right as the film M3GAN begins, we are shown a toy commercial that sets the pace and tone of the film. This is to say the newest Blumhouse production does not take itself too seriously, and if you come along for the ride, you will have a good time.
To me, M3GAN was fun, and anyone going in with the right mindset will most likely have fun and enjoy the film.

Storywise, M3GAN is basically a modernized version of 1988’s Child’s Play, only less slasher horror and more thriller. Allison Williams (Get out, TVs Girls) plays Gemma, a brilliant robotics engineer at a toy company who builds a life-like android that can be “paired” play with a child. To borrow from 1988 Child’s play, “Best friends to the end,” if you will. Gemma does not have children of her own and is completely wrapped up in her work. So when Gemma unexpectedly becomes the guardian of her orphaned niece Cady (Violet McGraw), she is struggling with being a parental figure. She decides to “pair” Cady with M3GAN (Amie Donald, voice by Jenna Davis) in hopes that it will help Cady and prove her project works.

When the android begins to take on a life of its own, M3GAN introduces the potential danger of artificial intelligence. Something that seems to be on the horizon of our lives.

The film is produced well and acted well. It’s clear everyone is having fun, especially Ronny Chieng. Also, the design and production of M3GAN is fantastic. She is both sweet, gentle and non-threatening at times while also being creepy and menacing at others. On the whole, the film will be labeled as a horror film, however, its plays more like a light thriller.

Is M3GAN a perfect film? No. Does it introduce anything truly new to the horror genre? No. Is it a little “Cheesy?” Yes. But is it still a good time? Absolutely. Suspend disbelief and enjoy the show.

4 out of 5 stars.