Cirque du Soliel: Mad Apple Las Vegas

Cirque du Soliel has a long and well-deserved reputation for their amazing

shows which blend humor, music, costumes, and amazing feats of skill and


Recently we were able to experience Mad Apple at the New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas. We have watched and covered several Cirque shows in the past and I was always amazed at how each show has an identity all it’s own but still retains the trademark showmanship which has made the company a worldwide sensation.

Mad Apple is a celebration of New York and from the start where the emcee
introduced himself and some of the cast warmed up the show it was clear this was going to be a very high-energy and interactive show even by Cirque Soliel standards.

Before the show even started we had a juggler entertaining the crowd, a team challenging audience members to shoot a small basketball into a hoop attached to a performer’s head, while an acrobat chugged beer while balancing on his head. But even before all that, the stage itself was quite fascinating because it housed not just a small replica of the Chrysler Building but also an actual bar where attendees could purchase drinks and popcorn before the show begins.

Once the show started we were treated to an amazing band that played

high-energy numbers and an amazing duo who would flip and spin simply by the strength of one partner’s legs.

Musical numbers featuring songs from Lady Gaga to Billy Joel along with other classics highlighted the show. What really set this show apart from other Cirque du Soliel shows we’ve watched is how even the band played an interactive part. Where we usually don’t see the band unless we peek into the rafters or when they pull back the curtains the end of the show, Mad Apple’s band gets center stage during some of the performances.

After some amazing aerial and acrobatic segments featuring a New York Taxi prop and acrobatic basketball dunks,Harrison Greenbaum emerged from the stage and had the audience laughing with his very clever humor that featured everything from politics, family, foreign guests to Las Vegas,and the C.E.S. show that was currently happening.

His humor was sharp and clever and then he pulled off an impressive magic trick before the next round of performers took the stage.

Harrison Greenbaum returned later, directly in the audience where he flirted outrageously with he a member of the audience seated behind us who helped him introduce an amazing magician who we were told was the youngest headliner ever in the history of Las Vegas.

The show we attended did not have the Empire State segment, a balancing act that culminates in a Wheel of Death performance, but it didn’t feel like we missed anything because Greenbaum kept the show going with more hilarious jokes and one more unbelievable magic trick.

The show resumed with a flurry of site and sound and when the finale arrived the audience was encouraged to dance, sing along, and even record the finale as it was the perfect capper to an amazing show from start to finish.

My wife has covered several shows with me and, as we were leaving, she commented that not only was the show amazing but it may be her favorite Cirque du Soliel show to date, which is saying something as she has had high praise for all the shows we’ve had the pleasure of watching.

The show is intended for mature audiences due to the humor so no one under 16 is allowed but if you want a high-energy celebration of music, humor,and acrobatic performances make sure you do not miss this show when in Las Vegas. It sets a fresh, energetic standard for Cirque du Soliel from start to finish.