Should Launch Buyers Of The Callisto Protocol Get Free DLC Due To A Steep Price Drop So Close To Release

As we kick off 2023 the gaming world is already hearing rumblings about a

potentially off-year as some in the industry are concerned about declining
sales, delays, and a general malaise amongst the gaming community.While I think this is largely unfounded as there are numerous titles on
the way for gamers to be excited over, the delays and cancellations by
Ubisoft and recent layoffs at Microsoft may be a sign that there is a
shift coming where developers and consumers may have to adapt to a
changing industry where customers are not staying home like they were the
past few years and where competition for consumer dollars has to again
content with live events, travel, and other forms of entertainment.

In the case of a new I.P. like The Callisto Protocol which cost a reported
$160 million to create and was targeted to sell five million units by the
publisher Krafton; the news that it has sold just about two million units
was a major disappointment.

Seeing how the game launched in early December with a $70.00 price for
consoles and is now found for 30% off by some retail outlets; consumers
who paid full price are left with a case of Caveat Emptor or let the buyer

Fans of the Dead Space and survival horror were asked to show faith and
invest the higher retail price in a new franchise and while the actual
game and gameplay had mixed results from users, the fact that there is
already a significantly lower price for the game just a few weeks later
has to upset some consumers and likely will only encourage them to be less
willing to invest in a new I.P. or game and wait until the price drops or
it becomes available on a service like MS Game Pass.

Since many retail outlets will not issue price adjustments beyond a week
to ten days from purchase and since publishers of a game fail to meet
sales expectations will be unlikely to part with any of the income from
sales; there is an option that can help pacify upset consumers.

I suggest that Krafton set an example for others and say that anyone who
purchased the game before it went on sale will be given the pending DLC
for free. This would be a step in the right direction to pacify upset
consumers and would set an example for publishers to say should the retail
price of a game drops significantly within 45-90 days of release; those who
had faith in us from the start will be given some protection on their

While I do not expect this to happen it would be a step in the right
direction as currently, one has to wonder if publishers will be as willing
to invest large amounts in developing new content when consumers may be
hesitant to invest in a new I.P. at full retail and will instead seek the
security of further installments in an established franchise.