Dead by Daylight Mobile Begins Sign Ups

Time to sign up.

NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES, HKEX: 9999) and Behaviour™ Interactive are proud to announce the pre-registration event for Dead by Daylight Mobile is now live, ahead of a massive update that will improve the gameplay experience and add a variety of customization options and cosmetic items for players to use. Dead by Daylight Mobile brings the acclaimed 4v1 multiplayer horror game to Android and iOS devices and players can pre-order Dead by Daylight Mobile on Google Play and the App Store now. The full game is set to launch on March 15th, 2023.
In Dead by Daylight Mobile, four players take on the role of Survivors as they evade the fifth player, who is the Killer. The Survivors must work as a team to succeed, as they hide from the Killer and use their unique abilities to escape a grisly fate. The Killer must use their supernatural abilities to track down the Survivors and take them out, one by one.
Dead by Daylight Mobile is Adding New Content, Graphical Updates & Social Features
Dead by Daylight Mobile is receiving a ton of graphical improvements in the new update. These include the addition of physics to clothing and hair, allowing them to move in response to the game world. There will also be dynamic shading and lighting, along with a complete visual overhaul of every character and map. In addition to the graphical updates, there will also be improvements to the controls, along with several bug fixes and quality-of-life updates. Dead by Daylight Mobile will also be adding lots of exciting cosmetics for players’ favorite characters, which will include a brand new Platinum Tier. The Platinum Tier customizations will introduce exclusive Memento Mori animations for the Killers.
The Dead by Daylight Mobile community will soon find more ways to connect and communicate with each other than ever before. The update introduces a new set of social features that will bring players together. These include the long-awaited pre-game lobby, which will allow Survivors to communicate with each other and for Killers to make last-minute changes before the Trial begins. Players will also be able to chat in the private and global channels, as well as the in-game lobby after each Trial.
The Rift Is Finally Coming To Dead by Daylight Mobile
One of the biggest additions to Dead by Daylight Mobile is the Rift, which is coming to the mobile version for the first time. The Rift is a season pass that is filled with unique cosmetics, with each season lasting for two months. Players can progress along the Rift Pass and earn free rewards, such as character customization items and in-game currencies. Players can compete to secure their spot on Seasonal Leaderboards as they test their mettle in The Fog thanks to a newly updated Ranking System.
Dead by Daylight Mobile is receiving its biggest overhaul yet, and players are encouraged to pre-register now to get their hands on an exclusive Feng Ming Outfit. Players would be remiss not to take part in the Next Era of Horror in Dead by Daylight Mobile – and join millions of fans in The Fog.
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