Cocaine Bear Delivers Plenty Of Outrageous Humor And Gore To Make It A Winning And Outrageous Time At The Movies



Inspired by true events and taken to absurdly funny and outrageous
scenarios by Director Elizabeth Banks and Writer Jimmy Warden; “Cocaine
Bear” is one of the most unique, entertaining and laugh-filled movies in
recent memory.When a large batch of Cocaine is dropped from a plane by a pilot who
subsequently dies in a drug-fueled mishap, a chain of events if put into
motion.St Louis based dealers Syd (Ray Lotta), Daveed (O’Shea Jackson Jr), and
Eddie (Alden Ehrenreich) are eager to get their supply back and Daveed and
a grieving Eddie are dispatched to Georgia on a recovery mission.

Police officer Bob (Isiah Whitlock Jr), is in hot pursuit of the criminals
and despite not being in his jurisdiction, he believes he can make a

Throw into this mix a single mom (Keri Russell), looking for two missing
children, a Park Ranger, three local goons, and a cast of characters and
you have an interesting mix of options for the title character who uses
the abundance of drugs in the first to fuel a deadly rampage which
cleverly mixes frequent laughter and gore to create a very winning
The 80s soundtrack also adds a nice touch as I am not sure I will be able
to listen to a certain Depeche Mode classic again without thinking about
the carnage and chaos that followed.

Elizabeth Banks apparently was very passionate about developing the film
and she keeps the film moving at a brisk pace but still allows the
characters a bit of back-story to make them more than the usual monster
chow that is so common in films of this type.

The final act does lose some momentum compared to the rest of the film but
still sticks the landing enough to bring the chaos to a satisfying
The strong cast, laughs, and action keeps the audience engaged and if you
are in the mood for some check your brain and enjoy the ride
entertainment, then “Cocaine Bear” may be just the thing.

4 stars out of 5