Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre is a Comedic Adventure Not to Miss

International intrigue is the name of the game in the latest Action-Caper
film from Guy Ritchie and he has delivered a winning mix of action and
comedy with” Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre”.

When a secret device known as “The Handle” is taken from a lab by a
precision combat team, the U.K. government calls in Nathan (Cary Elwes),
to gather a team and retrieve the item even though there is little known
about what it is and what it can do. The simple fact that it was taken by
force and is supposedly on the market for Ten Billion dollars makes this
an item of high value.

Nathan quickly recruits Orson (Jason Statham), away from his vacation and
despite his quirks and laundry list of items required for his
participation due to said quirks; he is soon brought into the group.

The team is rounded out by young agent JJ (Bugzy Malone), and American
computer expert Sarah (Aubrey Plaza), which irritates Orson to no end as
he liked the tech he had become used to working with and the fact that
they were hired away by a rival firm and Sarah’s give as good as she takes
attitude causes him stress.

It is learned that noted arms dealer Greg (Hugh Grant), appears to be
brokering the deal and the crew travels from one part of the world to
another with a rival team and all manner of dangers around them.

In a race against time, the team brings actor Danny Francesco (Josh
Hartnett), into the mix as he is a favorite of Greg’s and the hope is that
this will provide the team an introduction and access by having Sarah pose
as Danny’s new lady.

What follows is a madcap and comedic adventure with loads of enjoyable
characters and situations and enough action to keep things moving and
enough laughs to keep audiences smiling.

The cast is great and works very well with one another and it would be
great to see them do further adventures with one another as their shared
dysfunctions, attitudes, and quirks make them realistic and engaging and
a nice change from the indestructible Teflon agents we are so used to
seeing in films of this type.

4 stars out of 5