Hogwarts Legacy Brings The Magic Of Harry Potter To Life

I had been delayed in my review for Hogwarts Legacy as I have been deeply
immersed the the magical word of the Harry Potter Universe. While I did
get stuck a few times along the way in terms of which action to take and
so on; I found that a short break from the game and a fresh approach
worked wonders.

Players have a versatile character creator that allows them to make either
a male or female character and customize it from a variety of settings to
create a new and unique character in which to explore the game.

After an introduction and a thrilling sequence, players will soon find
themselves casting one of many spells in the game and exploring such
diverse locations such as Gringotts Bank, and the fabled Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The game is set in the late 1800s and players play as a 5th year student
who is dealing with a late start to their schooling compared to other
students. When a mysterious letter sends the student and their mentor
Professor Fig on a grand adventure filled with magic, wonder, and plenty
of danger as well as trials which the player must complete to save the

What is so enjoyable about the game is how it allows players to be
immersed in the lore without being hampered by having to adhere to the
events of the books and films. There are more than a few subtle and not so
subtle nods to the universe to allow for a connection but still having the
freedom to explore new characters and experiences.

I did have some trouble with the timing of some spells early on such as
one that involved an action and then holding down a button to trigger
another action needed to complete the task. In doing so I was open to
attack so it did take some adjustment to the timing and flow of certain
tasks but the spells are diverse and enjoyable and being able to see your
character grow as you explore the vast world of the story is deeply

I do not think it would be hyperbole to say that this is for me and likely
many the best gaming experience yet for the Harry Potter universe and one
that I think fans will want to embrace as the fun and immersive nature of
the game makes this is a must.

4.5 stars out of 5