Scream VI Shows That There Is Plenty Of Life In The Franchise

Following the events of “Scream” which not only served as a soft reboot
and the fifth film in the series; “Scream VI” has arrived a year later and
picks up shortly where the last film ended. The survivors have now moved
to New York to attend college and are eager to put the horror of the
massacres behind them.

Sam (Melissa Barrera), has started dating in secret and is overly
protective of her sister Tara (Jenna Ortega), to the point where Tara has
started to lash out. When a murder is reported that has evidence of
Ghostface influence, Sam desires to leave the city with Tara but again
finds her sister reluctant and the sister find themselves suspects under
Detective Bailey (Dermot Mulroney). The fact that Tara is rooming with
Bailey’s daughter does not help as many online conspiracy nuts think that
Sam is behind the recent and new killings based on her lineage and has
gotten away with it once again.

As the threatening calls, attacks, and body count start to rise; Gail
Weathers (Courteney Cox), arrives much to the chagrin of the survivors who
believe that she is there simply to fein friendship and support all the
while looking for material for another book.

The arrival of now FBI agent Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere), moves things
into overdrive as the attacks, deaths, and danger become more frequent and
brutal and the investigation leads to even more questions and mysteries as
the characters struggle to survive.

While like the prior films I was able to figure out who was responsible
very early as well as all but one of the twists, the film still entertained and in a era where many franchises are going through the
motions, “Scream VI” shows that there is still plenty of life left thanks
to an enjoyable cast, some creative and intense scenes, and a formula that
fans should enjoy.

4 stars out of 5