Dungeons And Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Is An Enjoyable Popcorn Adventure That Delivers

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is a enjoyable popcorn adventure that delivers on exactly what it is trying to be….Fun! From the very beginning of the movie, we are whisked away to fantasy world that has familiar elements we expect to find in common fantasy stories we have seen before, along with modern Ideas created in a fantasy world.

Together they create a whimsical world that is tied together by a cast of fantasy character types that never feel like a trope, but rather feels like we are selecting a starting character in a fantasy video game and we will adventure with each. If you want to adventure with a warrior brute, no problem. How about using magic as a mage, child’s play. Maybe you want to be a quick tonged pretty boy troubadour….maybe not? But the point is that this film has something for everyone and to its credit, the movie knows this.

The movie further excels in the way it tells an overarching story adventure through several vignette’s that give each character some shine. Enough to keep us interested and like the people we are adventuring with, but not serious enough to where we ever question their motives or decisions. In all, it is a refreshing way to introduce us to an ensemble cast and make them feel fully formed, without forgetting why we are there….to have a fun cinematic adventure.

The overarching story revolves around Chris Pine’s character Edgin. Pine brings his good looks and charm to the character and thus serves as an enjoyable guide and narrator that also sets the foundation for our understanding of the world. Joined by his band of “thieves” played by Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith and Daisy Head, the ensemble each brings their own charm and likability to their characters that I found myself wanting to go on additional adventures with each of them after the credits roll.

As something based on a real-world pen and paper roleplaying game where everyone tells their own story, this movie does a great job of capturing a sense that we are part of someone’s story as well. It is worth the process of admission at the theater.

4 out of 5 stars.