Call of Duty Zombie Ray Gun Replica Revealed

Great news for collectors.

Activision has revealed a new Call of Duty® Zombie Ray Gun Replica, available now for pre-orders ($600) on the Call of Duty Shop!

One of the most iconic, and wonder-ful, pieces of Call of Duty Zombie lore, the Ray Gun can take out multiple zombies at once and has appeared in many COD games over the years. Fans can now take home this new premium replica version (with Mystery Box case) as a major highlight to their Call of Duty collection.


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Call of Duty Zombie Ray Gun Replica (Details)

Introduced in Call of Duty’s Zombie mode, the Ray Gun is the most well-known wonder weapon from the mystery box. Mystical technology fuels this weapon, helping fans blast through round by round of zombie extermination.


  • Material/Fabrication – Ray Gun replica is 100% PU, Mystery Box case is 100% Polyresin
  • Product Weight Unpackaged – 5.2 kg
  • Product Weight Packaged – 6.9 kg
  • Product Dimensions Unpackaged – 48 x 44 x 16 cm
  • Product Dimensions Packaged – 60 x 54 x 23 cm