Killer Klowns from Outer Space Land At Toynk

With a new game coming this looks like fun. is excited about the arrival of their new line of horror plushies from the film Killer Klowns from Outer Space. The 1988 science fiction horror film by the Chiodo Brothers follows along as extraterrestrials clowns looking for sustenance come to Earth to terrorize the idyllic town of Crystal Cove. The officially licensed Toynk Exclusive line of plush features Rudy, Shorty, Jumbo, Baby Klown, and the Candy Cacoon. Fashioned after their movie counterparts, these plushies are a little more cuddly and a lot less murderous than the real thing.

“Getting the Killer Klowns from Outer Space license is super exciting! It has allowed us to create a unique line of exclusives specifically for the dedicated fanbase of the ‘80s cult horror film,” says Steve Loney, President and CEO of Toynk. “There really wasn’t much officially licensed Killer Klowns merchandise out there before we obtained the licensing and now we’re excited to bring plushies, action figures, tikis, and much more to life in 2023.”

Jumbo the Killer Klown

Of all the Killer Klowns in this deadly circus parade, Jumbo has a unique distinction. Not only is he the first Klown to appear on screen in the cult classic, but he’s also the first one to be dispatched by one of our heroic humans.

Jumbo the Killer Klown plush toy looms large at approximately 16 inches tall. Modeled after his onscreen persona, this plush features oversized green shoes, fuzzy neon green hair, and a day-glow costume.

Rudy the Killer Klown

Get ready for some cosmic mayhem with Rudy, arriving on Earth in plush form. The maniacal alien surely means trouble with his terrifyingly toothy grin. The bloodthirsty alien with a penchant for popcorn is reimagined as a 14-inch plush toy complete with a bright striped suit, vibrant faux hair, oversized shoes, and a sadistic grin.

Shorty the Killer Klown

He may look small, but Shorty the Killer Klown packs a mean punch. Shorty has arrived on Earth ready to start some bloody trouble. Modeled after his onscreen persona this Shorty plush measures approximately 12 inches tall, from the bottom of his tiny blue shoes to the top of his fuzzy green hair. His design is complete with a twisted grin, oversized shoes, and a misleadingly adorable yellow jumpsuit with green stars.

Cotton Candy Cocoon Plush Toy

If you end up on the Killer Klown’s fantastical Big Top ship, whatever you do, don’t sample the cotton candy. The colorful-but-deadly aliens from the ’80s horror cult classic have an odd way of storing their victims. Designed to look just like its gruesome movie counterpart, only a little cuter and a lot less cadaverous, the Cotton Candy Cacoon soft plush toy is a real treat for Killer Klowns fans. Even a bloody face decays in the middle of this putrid-pink plush treat.

Baby Klown Plush Puppet

This is a face that only a Klown mother could love! One of the creepier creatures from the film, Baby Klown has been reimagined as a plush puppet. The soft plush construction of this Baby Klown puppet measures approximately 14 inches tall, from the bottom of his purple neck to his curly green hair. A larger-than-life tongue and set of pointed teeth are perfect for wreaking havoc once you slip your hand inside!

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