Engaging Characters And Story Make The Covenant One Of The Best Films Of The Year

Writer/Director Guy Ritchie has returned with perhaps his best work yet in

the Afghanistan based film “The Covenant”. The movie follows Sgt. John
Kinley (Jake Gyllenhaal), as a squad leader tasked with finding and
eliminating enemy weapon and munition stashes in Afghanistan.
When tragedy costs him a member of his team he is forced to hire a new
interpreter and as a result is introduced to Ahmed (Dar Salim).
Ahmed is good at his job and is not afraid to go move and beyond to keep the unit
safe even when it appears he has gone rogue or is not following orders.
Ahmed is married with a baby on the way and it is learned that his son was killed by their enemy even though serving the Americans is viewed upon as
treason by many in his community.Ahmed hopes to in time earn a “Special Visa”which has been promised to
interpreters for their service which would allow him to take his wife and
child to America and build a new life and it is this motivation which
allows him to face constant danger.

When a raid goes bad Ahmed and John find themselves fleeing from a large
number of enemy forces and Ahmed must take the injured John through days
of hot and dangerous territory to try to reach the American Zone. The trip
is filled with danger and obstacles and Ahmed prevails against all odds
and becomes a hero in the process.

Sadly when John is recovering back in the United States he learns that
Ahmed has gone into hiding and that the promised Visa never came to be.
Facing a mountain of red tape; John sets out to get Ahmed and his family
their Visas and to find and extract his friend.

The movie is entertaining and never becomes overly forced as the
relationship between John and Ahmed follows a natural progression that
helps justify and explain the extreme steps that John is willing to take
in order to save the man who saved his life.

Ritchie does a good job of letting the action enhance the story without
making it the main focus as this is a character driven story and the movie
will have you engaged from start to finish as this is one of my favorite
films of the year and is not to be missed.

4 stars out of 5