What Is The Difference Between A USB a Vs A USB C

The line between gaming as a sport, business, and entertainment became blurred years ago with the rise of Esports. This has in turn caused game developers to seek the next big craze as Call of Duty has a sizeable following and others ranging from Fortnite to Madden have all become major players.

Not every game is destined to be an online classic or suitable for esports and as such developers have looked to expand the solo play gaming experience beyond the usual 6-10 hours of play that is common for a campaign as the argument has long been that players will spend the majority of their time playing online and as such, this is where the focus should be.

The pending release of the highly-anticipated Star Wars: Jedi Survivor recently gained considerable attention when it was revealed that the install size for the game would be over 150GB of space. Considering this is nearly 100GB larger than the prior game in the series at release, many gamers have had to consider the hard choice of what stays on their hard drive and what has to be backed up or deleted in order to accommodate the new game.

Thankfully USB drives have become larger and cheaper in recent years and make backing up games and date easier and more affordable than ever before. However as technology progresses; there are those who would be confused between the USB options available to them and more than one has asked me what is usb a vs usb c.

The information provided in the link does a great job of explaining the differences so gamers can be well-informed and make a choice that best suits their needs and hardware so they can ensure that their valuable data is safe and will be backed up as rapidly as possible so gamers can enjoy their games.