Street Fighter: Duel Reveals Devil May Cry Events

This looks like something that fans will enjoy.
Street Fighter: Duel is a CAPCOM-authorized RPG mobile game that will bring back many good memories, and it is currently over 4 Million Downloads! Street Fighter™: Duel is published in English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese on both the Appstore and Google Play.

The collaboration event, “Devil Invasion” will run from May 11th to May 24th, where players can earn “Demon Soulstone” by completing various tasks. These stones can be exchanged for rewards in Nico’s store, such as the “Strongest Demon Hunter” avatar frame. Additionally, players can complete different tasks in the “Agency” to receive treasure box rewards. Players can unlock more valuable rewards as they complete more tasks and reach higher levels.

A PLUS JAPAN INC., the publisher of Street Fighter™: Duel, has announced a new collaboration event with Devil May Cry™. This event will grant players “Special Summon Tickets” and they will be used to unlock the well-known devil hunter, Dante by chance.

The tenacious and heroic devil hunter Dante is coming to Street Fighter™: Duel

Dante is a unique and complex character; he can transform into a powerful demon and deal massive AOE damage to enemies. His super and passive abilities can also interchange according to Dante’s form. His EX-Move “Power Smash” can also deal damage to all enemies and force the front row of the enemy team to switch to the back row. Moreover, the EX-Move Power Smash will be available in “EX-Move learning” during the collaboration.