Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures And Star Wars Visions Season 2 Deliver Plenty Of Force Magic For All

The arrival of May the 4th brings with it several new Star Wars shows to
enjoy on Disney+ with Seasons 2 of Star Wars Visions and the debut of Star
Wars: Young Jedi Adventures.

Visions is a collection of stories using a varied style of animation and
unlike last season which was set in various styles of Japanese animation,
this new season offers new options to enjoy.

Animation styles including Stop-Motion, Claymation, and Japanese blend
well with various themes including a Bollywood style episode which helps
to underscore the universal appeal of Star Wars as it has truly influenced
talent from around the world who now have a new forum in which to share
their skills and love for Star Wars.

The episodes are roughly 15-16 minutes in length and span eras from the
Old Republic to Empire and focus on new characters and situations while
staying true to the greater Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures is clearly aimed at a young audience and
follows a group of young Jedi Padawans as they go through their training
and face adventures and challenges along the way. The stories, characters,
and situations are done with younger audiences in mind so it is a great
tool for small children to be introduced to Star Wars as well as
entertaining for those looking for lighter and less complicated stories.

The bright colors and energy of the series will draw in younger viewers
and it will be interesting to see where the story goes over time. Older
viewers will enjoy seeing favorites such as Yoda pop up and the energy of
the show is evident from the start.

Both shows will appear on Disney+ and continue their legacy of fine Star
Wars content which is exclusive to the platform and not to be missed.