The Mother Combines Action And Drama For Netflix Viewers

Life is filled with choices and the consequences that come with them. In
the new Netflix movie “The Mother” Jennifer Lopez stars as the title
character who is attempting to make a deal with the F.B.I. by disclosing
the arms deals involving two of her ex-lovers and business partners.

When things go horribly wrong and she gives birth as a result of an attack
intended to silence her; the mother reluctantly gives her daughter up for
adoption at the urging of the F.B.I. insists it is the only way to
keep her from being targeted as well.

An agent with the F.B.I. (Omari Hardwick) promises to keep an eye on the
child and ensures she will be placed in a good family and that her mother
will be given a photograph each year on her birthday.

Content to vanish from her past, the mother retreats to a remote area of
Alaska and lets the years pass and live off the land and use her skills
from the military and her past associations to ensure a self-sufficient if
lonely and isolated life.

Shortly after her daughter turns twelve she is recalled to the Lower 48 as
it is learned that her past has caught up with her and that her daughter
has been identified and after being abducted forces the mother into action
to rescue her daughter which sets a chain of events into motion that key
players from her past threaten both her and her daughter which forces them
both into hiding and to battle to survive.

The plot of the film is reasonably linear as there are no real twists and
turns but it does provide an entertaining mix of action and drama and the
stars of the film are engaging and draw the audience into their conflict.

The movie underscores the depths that a mother will go to for her child and
that sins of the past can haunt the future. The pacing of the film works
well and while it does not go to the over-the-top extremes that many
cinematic action films do, “The Mother” works well as a Netflix release
and is one that fans of the action genre will want to see.

3.5 stars out of 5