Fast X Is An Over-The-Top, Absurd, Bombastic, Adrenaline Ride

Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) is enjoying the good life as a husband and afather and has found himself happy with his life but admits that heworries about losing the ones he loves. In “FastX” which is the latestfilm in the long-running series; the sins of the past are about to returnto wreak revenge upon Dominic and his crew.Linking the events of the sixth film in the series, the crew findthemselves setup and framed after an extended and intense action sequencein Rome and are on the run from the very agency they have been workingfor.The enigmatic and flamboyant Dante (Jason Mom); always seems to beone step ahead of the team which finds themselves scattered at variouslocations around the world which gives them plenty of time to fight,drive, tech, and plan their next step in what is increasingly becoming adeadly game from which there seems to be no way to survive.The film has a very large cast and it is great to see the faces old and newpop in and out of the film while they focus on the core characters. Thefilm does have some slow segments between the action but this is done toestablish new characters and develop the family relationships betweenothers as a family is a large theme of the series.This is both a good and bad thing as it is nice to see so many charactersbut some have little more than a brief cameo and others get more time thanis necessary. With so many moving parts and locations; the film doesdeliver what fans will expect as the creators know the formula that hasmade the series such a success and make sure that the over-the-top,absurd, bombastic, adrenaline ride of the series remains even though itrequires the audience to throw logic and reason out the window and just goalong with the intense stunts and action sequences.The film sets up the planned next film well and there are some interestingside stories that I am curious to see how they will be developed in thenext film which had been reported to be the finale of the series beforespin-offs would carry the franchise forward.It has been reported that Universal has asked for a twelfth film to makethe finale a trilogy and based on the latest outing, there is still enoughgas in the tank to give fans a flawed yet enjoyable summer Popcorn movie.3.5 stars out of 5