Jackalyptic Games Reveals New Warhammer Project

Interesting news for Warhammer fans.

NetEase Games announced today the unveiling of Jackalyptic Games, the rebranded studio formerly operating as Jackalope Games. Led by industry veteran Jack Emmert, the rebranded Jackalyptic Games will have the full team that worked under the Jackalope name continue its focus on the development of top-tier PC and console games as a NetEase Games global studio. Additionally, Jackalyptic Games confirmed that its first project, a game based on a Warhammer IP created in close partnership with Games Workshop, is in early development. More details on Jackalyptic Games can be found here: http://www.jackalyptic.com/
“As someone who has molded my career developing expansive MMO stories, I’m proud to unveil that our first game in development at Jackalyptic Games will focus on the rich universes of Warhammer,” said Jack Emmert, CEO at Jackalyptic Games. “Bringing the deep lore of this IP to our game is a massive undertaking, and we are thrilled to work alongside Games Workshop to bring this vision to life.”
Throughout the game’s development cycle, Jackalyptic Games will work closely with Games Workshop to engage their respective communities to gain insights and feedback on the game.
Jack Emmert brings decades of MMORPG-related experience to Jackalyptic Games and its new project, having previously led development on multiple high-profile game franchises including City of Heroes, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and DC Universe Online. Jackalyptic Games is NetEase Games’ debut game studio in the United States. It will operate independently and maintain creative autonomy in its game development.