Talking Cobra Kai And More With Jesse Kove

Recently I spoke with Jesse Kove about his work on Cobra Kai and his career.

How did you get into acting and what was your big break?


I’ve enjoyed growing up in and around the business. I was visiting my father in India who was doing a movie there and they let me work on it. I was about 12 years old. That was my first break into the acting business.

What sort of prep work did you do for Cobra Kai and how much did it differ from your usual prep work?


I didn’t have to do much prep as I really understood the character they wanted. Growing up in the Karate Kid universe helped a lot. It was easy for me to tap into the Varsity Captain David role. I also love characters that take place in other times. I love period pieces.

What are some of your more memorable moments from filming?


When I did the movie On Wings of Eagles, which was about prisoners of war, I actually got to meet the real-life prisoners from World War II from China. That was very memorable and humbling. And doing the research for D-Day and playing that period role was also quite memorable.


To what do you attribute the ongoing success of the franchise to?

I think because it’s a multi-generational story. The film franchise touches the hearts of parents and children alike and they can share the feeling and nostalgia that is still brought to life in the TV show today with Cobra Kai.


Looking ahead; what can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

I have quite a lot in the can that’s done. It seems like every other month there will be a new project debuting. We just released the poster and there’s a trailer coming soon for my newest Western called Far Haven, which premieres September 3rd at 8pm Easter on the Cowboy channel as well as other streaming services.


If you could work in any genre with any Director, what would you select?


I would love to do a movie in medieval times with Christopher Nolan riding horses in battle with a sword and armor.

You have played a variety of parts in your career. What do you look for in a part?


I really enjoy playing different characters. I’m always trying to find something I have not done before. I like to be diversified.

I never want to be that cliché type-cast character.

Can you compare/contrast working on a film versus a television series and which do you prefer?


They’re both great. I do appreciate in movies being able to start and finish within a period of time and you’re able to close that story and move on to the next one. But it’s also really nice to stay with a character for several years and build up that character, as you can with TV.

When not on set, what are some of your favorite things to do?


I love spending time with family. And I love helping animal rescues and helping to get animals adopted into homes. And I love traveling.