Six Days in Fallujah Comes To Steam Early Access

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After 18 years, some of Sgt. Eddie Garcia’s Marine memories in Fallujah can now be experienced by others through Steam’s Early Access program. The release of the first-person tactical shooter Six Days in Fallujah by Victura and Highwire Games features the most realistic simulation of urban combat to date.

Garcia approached game developers almost two decades ago with the idea of giving others a better perspective on what Marines and civilians experience during combat. Along with Garcia, Six Days in Fallujah was developed with help from more than 100 Marines and Soldiers who served in the Second Battle of Fallujah, as well as more than two dozen Iraqi civilians and soldiers.

Based on true stories from the battle, Six Days in Fallujah requires players to overcome real-world scenarios with their fire team by using real-life military tactics.

These missions are set in urban maps that are generated procedurally every time the game is played to recreate the uncertainty of combat along with unlimited replayability. The game is available on Steam today for $39.99.

“Everyone has an opinion about war but very few people have fought in one and truly understand the experience,” says Sgt. Garcia, who was wounded during the Second Battle of Fallujah in 2004. “Six Days in Fallujah will provide a window into what it feels like, the enormous responsibility every young Marine experiences as they enter combat, and the visceral terror and human cost of combat.”

“When we got home, we felt the love, but people didn’t have the knowledge – about Fallujah, or about combat,” Sgt. Garcia continued. “Perhaps participating in these real events through this highly realistic videogame will give people a new perspective on something most of us will always struggle to understand.”

In Early Access, Six Days in Fallujah focuses initially on the experiences of U.S. Marine fire teams on the first day of the battle. As Early Access develops, players will also choose to play cooperatively as special operations, or as Iraqi soldiers fighting alongside coalition forces. Players will also begin to encounter civilians as the battle progresses. Victura also plans to release additional co-operative missions, as well as story campaign missions recreating real stories from the Second Battle of Fallujah from the perspective of both coalition forces and Iraqi civilians.