THQ Nordic Reveals Plans For Limited Print Physical Runs

This is some interesting news.

THQ Nordic today announced that for EVERY release on PC that includes a physical release as well, THQ Nordic will perform a very limited print run with serially numbered prints of not only its Standard Editions, but also eligible Collector’s Editions.

These print runs:

  • are limited to a small amount of units,
  • are serially numbered and sealed,
  • will be premium packaged,
  • Number 1 to number 10 (or #25, or #50) are designated for our THQ Nordic Vienna Store,
  • another batch will be made available online via THQ Nordic´s online stores, or offered to selected retail partners, respectively,
  • the very last number of the limited print run will always be sent to the Embracer Games Archive.

THQ Nordic will compile all data on said print runs and display on their website in the near future. Here is a snapshot of games that will be receiving this treatment down the line: Gothic 1 Remake, Alone in the Dark, Trine 5, Tempest Rising, Last Train Home, Wreckreation, Space for Sale, Outcast II and many more to follow.

Case Study Jagged Alliance 3

Here is an example of such a limited print run with upcoming tactical based game Jagged Alliance 3:

Jagged Alliance 3 – Standard Edition
Issue of 2.500 units in total, thereof