Hi-Fi Rush Gets An Update Not To Miss

Sounds like a fun update.

Today, Tango Gameworks launched the Hi-Fi RUSH: Arcade Challenge! Update! for free
for all players who own the game on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass and PC. Players
who have completed the main game can now rock their way through two new game modes:
BPM Rush! and Power Up! Tower Up!
Check out the trailer here:  [https://youtu.be/W1dU394xpvU]
In the BPM Rush! mode, players brawl through escalating fights where the songs speed
up as they progress. Players can choose between three difficulty settings: Easy,
Normal and EX, with each going up to 200 BPM.
While in Power Up! Tower Up! players will climb a remixed version of the existing
Rhythm Tower mode filled with randomized enemy sets and challenges, but with an
extra catch: Chai starts powered down, losing all his upgrades. Players will collect
upgrades between rounds to amp your skills back up but choose wisely: upgrades also
carry special traits that affect the next battle, giving players a helpful boost, or
adding additional challenges!
In addition to the new modes, Arcade Challenge! Update! introduces two new enemies,
a plethora of unlockable rewards including Special Attacks, free costumes, and a
secret final prize for players who clear all 40 challenges tied to the two new
More details on the Arcade Challenge! Update! can be found on the official website
here:  [https://bethesda.net/en-US/game/hifirush]
The Arcade Challenge! Update! is now available for free for all players who own
Hi-Fi RUSH on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Hi-Fi RUSH is also available through Game Pass
on Xbox Series X|S and PC, as well as through the Microsoft Store, Steam, and the
Epic Games Store.