Protect Yourself from Comic-Con with Ironguard Card & Comic Supplies

This could be interesting.

Protect Yourself from Comic-Con with Ironguard Card & Comic Supplies

Why do you go to San Diego Comic-Con? Is it for the up-to-the-minute movie news? The blazing-hot comics? The ultra-exclusive toys? Or is it for the incredibly practical and affordable collecting supplies, which can be used to protect your cards and comics from unnecessary wear and tear? Awwwwww yeah.

Ironguard Supplies knows what you want, and they’re bringing some of that sweet, sweet supply action to Comic-Con International. Comic toploaders? Check. Magna-Armor cardholders? Check. Nine-pocket card pages? Oh, you better believe a check!

In between high-stakes TCG battles and dollar-bin bargain-hunting, stop by and pick up some protection at the Ironguard Supplies booth, under the Diamond Comics umbrella at booth 2401. Not only will they have a wide array of card and comic supplies for sale, they’ll also be giving away fabulous prizes!

That’s right, Ironguard will be running a prize wheel, with seven different prizes to win – just sign up to follow them on social media and you get to spin! Plus, there will be a massive $300 prize pack of supplies, enter all weekend and the winner will be drawn after the show!

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