The Continental: From the World of John Wick Rocks Ballroom 20

San Diego Comic-Con attendees got a sneak peak at The Continental: From the World of John Wick on Friday during a first look panel held in Ballroom 20.

It was actually a few sneak peeks starting with behind-the-scene featurette highlighting the expanded version of The Continental, taking us into rooms, suites, secret passageways and entertainment rooms never revealed until now.

The Continental 3-part series identified as Nights 1 through 3, take us to the dirty, grimy 1970s where production designer, Drew Boughton, drew influence from movies like Warriors and Taxi Driver.
Director Albert Hughes said that while much of the script and setting was established before he joined the production he wanted to assure the fans of John Wick that “We gotchu, fam.” The panel Moderator, Steven Weintraub, Editor-in-Chief of Collider, who had an advance screening also told the panel audience we would not be disappointed.
Also on the panel was Executive Producer Marshall Persinger who explained the success of a show relies heavily on great writing, a visionary director and the best cast, and they took great care in making sure this cast, especially the introduction of a young Winston and Charon, connected strongly to the modern day Continental.
The audience was treated to an action sequence introduced by Director of Action, Larnell Stovall, who said the focus of the action had to be physically, visually and sonically in keeping with the franchise. Director Hughes sang praises for the stunt team’s dedication as well as Editor Ron Rosen’s work, calling him a signature editor who elevated every scene shot. Rosen shared how he did all his editing from home with his dogs as his coworkers who were so disturbed by all the sounds and commotion of fistfights and gunshots that they refused to return to his studio til he was done.
With a trailer that introduced Colin Woodell as young Winston Scott and Mel Gibson as Cormac, Winston’s predecessor. Hughes promises an enticing and deeper look into the mythology of the John Wick universe ane how The Continental established the safe haven and code of conduct for legal assassins. It’s a now familiar world to fans but still unique in its brutal edginess, imbued the unmistakable tone and what Hughes calls the disco noir ambiance of the 70s.