Futurama Returns

The lovable and dysfunctional Planet Express crew is back as Futurama
arrives for Hulu with the first 10 of an announced initial order of 20 new episodes.

Picking up where the last episode ended the crew takes on a number of
topical issues ranging from streaming, writers, online shopping, Crypto, and Cancel Culture to name but a few.

The jokes fly as fast as always and the dynamic between the characters are as compelling as ever.

I loved seeing characters big and small from past episodes making
appearances as the Moon Farmer and his Robot Daughters was a welcome treat as were the many others that come in and out and never seem forced.

The cast seem to be having a great time returning to the characters and
based on the crowd and reaction to the first episode that was shown prior to airing At San Diego Comic-Con, fans are very happy to see the return of the show.

I have seen the first six episodes which will drop weekly on Hulu and each was a very enjoyable experience like spending some quality time with old