Arcade 1Up Brings Tempest And Centipede To Fans

This looks like something both fans and collectors can enjoy.

Arcade1Up’s Atari Legacy Edition game machines, including Centipede® and Tempest®, are now available on Retro gaming fans and pop-culture enthusiasts have been clamoring for these machines, each of which includes a phenomenal lineup of a dozen games in gorgeous cabinets that include a matching riser and light-up marquee. The Atari Centipede® Legacy Edition is available for $499.99, and the Atari Tempest® Legacy Edition is available for $449.99.
In addition, WiFi Leaderboards have been included for the first time in an Arcade1Up Legacy game machine, allowing players to test themselves against family, friends, and players around the world.The Atari Legacy Edition home arcade machines feature 17-inch color LCD screens, adjustable volume, real-feel arcade controls, light-up 1P and 2P buttons, a molded coin door, a clear deck protector, and an anti-tip-over strap.

Model Specifications:

Atari Centipede® Legacy Edition
Comes with 14 classic Atari games, including Centipede®, Millipede®, Asteroids®, Asteroids Deluxe®, Major Havoc®, Missile Command®, Akka Arrh™, Crystal Castles®, Tempest®, Gravitar®, Liberator®, Space Duel® (1 Player), Super Breakout®, and Lunar Lander®.

Atari Tempest® Legacy Edition
Comes with 12 classic Atari games, including Tempest®, Asteroids®, Centipede®, Major Havoc®, Missile Command®, Akka Arrh®, Crystal Castles®, Millipede®, Gravitar® , Liberator™, Asteroids Deluxe®, and Space Duel.