Unlocking the Excitement: 5 Thrilling Lockpicking Scenes in Movies

Movies often dramatize lockpicking, adding an element of suspense that thoroughly engages the audience. However, not every movie offers a realistic portrayal of lock picking. After reviewing hundreds of movies, we have shortlisted the top five that not only represent the technique authentically but also have an exciting plot. Whether you’re a film enthusiast or curious about lockpicking, this article is a must-read for you. But remember, if you’re ever locked out, it’s best to reach out to a professional locksmith such as 247cerrajero.com rather than relying on movies to teach you how to attempt a DIY solution. Trying to pick a lock without the right knowledge can lead to damage, both to the lock itself and the door, which might result in costly repairs.

The Italian Job – 2003

Not everyone loved the rework of The Italian Job. However, it has its upsides. For example, there’s an exciting scene where Handsome Rob (Jason Statham) picks a lock precisely. Rob smoothly picks a lock in a vault with tight security, creating a powerful sense of suspense. The lockpicking scene adds value to the entire movie as it’s not only visually impressive but also contains precise camera work, and realistic sound design that highlights the entire process.

Midnight Run – 1988

The 1988 action-comedy movie features realistic lockpicking scenes that captivate the audience. One of the most iconic scenes sees Robert De Niro’s character, Jack Walsh, using proper lockpick tools to open a door. He inserts a tension wrench, and a turning device, and then switches to a makeshift snap pick. He repeatedly slides his thumb off the spinner to lift the lock pins. Unfortunately, during the process, he drops one of the tools, which turns out to be a life-saving mistake.

At precisely that moment, a bullet goes through the door and nearly misses him. We appreciate the rarely-used snap pick tool and the authenticity of the entire scene.

Terminator 2 – 1991

We all love the movie in which Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a cyborg that is either protective or a killing machine. What few fans remember, though, is the scene in which Sarah Connor tries to unlock a door. To the professional locksmith’s delight, she uses a tension wrench to enter the lock cylinder. Simultaneously, she grabs a pick to move the pins upwards and ensure they don’t fall back. We bet the guard on the other side of the door wasn’t so happy about her successful lock picking technique.

Even though it’s not a long scene from Terminator 2 and you easily lose track due to all the action in the movie, it stands out for the attention to detail. The camera work is excellent and focuses on the precise order of used tools.

Gotham – TV Series

We have a TV show with a memorable lockpicking scene featuring the clever Edward Nigma. If you stopped and asked who’s this character, maybe the name “The Riddler.” would help.

The scene sees Nigma attempting to open a door by picking a lock. Nothing unusual so far. But what’s truly special about it is the authenticity of the lockpicking process. Similarly to the scene in Terminator 2, Nigma doesn’t rely on the typical paperclip or hairpin. Instead, he uses a tension wrench, a legitimate locksmith tool, to apply pressure to the lock’s plug and skillfully manipulate the pins until they are all set.

The tension on the wrench keeps the pins from falling back down, gradually unlocking the door. This scene provides insight into the complex art of lockpicking while also adding depth to the character of Edward Nigma.

Undercover Blues – 1993

This already classical comedy film features a character named Jane Blue. It is played by Kathleen Turner, and it’s the protagonist of an exceptional lockpicking scene. Perhaps because the movie was launched in 1993, the appeal for hi-tech solutions was lower, so they use the actual tools needed for this job.

Jane inserts a tension wrench into the lock’s cylinder and then adds a pick. To make everything even more realistic, she first puts the pick upside down. After she realizes she won’t be able to open the door that way, she shakes the pick in the lock to move it around. Finally, she can turn the tension wrench and successfully open the door.

Final Words

If you haven’t seen any of the above titles, it’s time for a movie night! Besides the exceptional lockpicking skill depicted by the characters, you’re in for action, laughter, and suspense with exceptional titles. Don’t forget that picking a lock that isn’t on your property should never be attempted!