Gran Truismo: Based On A True Story Delivers Pure Adrenaline Racing Action

Sony is on a roll with their gaming adaptations as usually adapting Video Games for the big screen or television has been a difficult task. With “Uncharted” they did a decent job of adapting the hit series and The Lastof Us and Twisted Metal have been solid performers for their respective streaming services.

The challenge of adapting hours of gameplay into a two-three hours movie or 8-10 episode series has always been an issue as fans expect a look, tone, and storyline from the games but often get a product that is
“inspired by” version a cinematic adaptation.

When I heard that Sony planned to adapt Gran Truismo I was curious how they could wall the line between the game and a racing film and while Neil Blomkamp was an interesting choice to Direct; it seemed like a tricky

The film stars Orlando Bloom as Danny Moore who convinces Nissan to found and fund a racing academy where the students will be selected from the Gran Truismo game simulator. Moore claims that the game is an ideal simulator for finding talent and sets up competitions where the best from
around the world attend the academy with the goal of making them a driver on the circuit.

Jann Mardenborough (Archie Madekwe), spends his time playing the game much to the concern of his family who see no future in it and want him to go to University and apply himself.

At first nobody takes Moore seriously but he is able to convince ex-driver and master coach and technician Jack Salter (David Harbour), to join him
and despite his reluctance he is able to oversee Jann winning the academy and entering the world of racing to earn his season qualification.

Naturally the career drivers want no part of a Video Game player on their
track and in the life and death world of racing, Jann has to grow up fast
as the challenges and danger are all around him.

The cast is solid and you really got an idea of what it is like being I a
car at 200 MPH and the politics that can come into play. While the film is
based on a true story there were naturally some liberties taken.

In the end I found myself saying this is not just a good video game movie
but a solid racing film that entertained from start to finish.

4 stars out of 5

Opening on 8/25