Blue Beetle Is An Enjoyable Blend Of Action And Comedy

The latest film in the new DC Cinematic universe has arrived with “Blue Beetle” which looks to add a new take on one of the lessor known DC characters of old.

When Jaime Reyes (Solo Mariduena), returns home as the first college
graduate in his class he expects the future for he and his family to be as
bright as the Florida sunshine in which they live.

His sister Milagro (Melissa Escobedo) doses cold water on his dreams by
reminding them that he and the family are from the wrong side of society and his job at a Country Club is about as realistic as his life is going to get.

Undaunted and taken advantage of a chance meeting with Jenny Kord (Bruna Marquezine), Jaime is able to wrangle an interview at her family business which happens to be the very powerful Kord Industries run by her Aunt Victoria (Susan Sarandon), following the disappearance of her father.

Jaimie thinks he has a just to save his family and their home from their
recent financial misfortunes but instead ends up in possession of a
mysterious Scarab which attaches itself to Jaime and gives him amazing powers of flight, protection, strength, and the ability to rapidly heal and generate countless weapons with simply a thought.

While the setup is strong as are the visual effects, the film soon takes a
predictable path and we have the evil corporate tycoon who kills all who get in her way so their scheme of power and profit can be enacted.

There are some solid action sequences and the cast is engaging; especially George Lopez as eccentric inventor Uncle Rudy. The biggest issue I had was that it seemed I had seen this story and several of the action sequences and abilities before in other films ranging from “Green Lantern”, “Spawn”, “Iron Man”, and others.

That is not to say that it was not fun and entertaining as it certainly was more entertaining than some of the recent DC offerings and the Latino cast under the direction of Angel Manuel Soto was a very refreshing change of pace and one that I hope we see more of in the future.

In the end the film is an enjoyable blend of action and comedy and while it may not be one of the iconic comic adaptations of all time, it is a
great introduction to what is hopefully future adventures.

3.5 stars out of 5