Strays Hits The Funny Bone With Plenty Of Bawdy Humor

Dogs in cinema have often been depicted as noble companions and protectors who face long odds to complete a task, return home, or protect a loved one.

Now and then they are used as threats to the main stars of the film
but in the new movie “Strays” audiences are given a bawdy, funny, and new look into their world.

Will Ferrell stars as Reggie, a good natured mutt who draws the ire of his lout of an owner Doug (Will Forte). Doug despises the clueless reggie and thinks the repeated attempts to abandon him are a new game and his repeated ability to find his way home frustrates Doug to the point where he drives Reggie three hours away and abandons him in a city.

Reggie soon meets Bug (Jamie Foxx), who teaches him the way of being a
stray and introduces him to his friends Maggie (Isla Fisher), and Hunter (Randall Park). The new friends decide to travel with Reggie as he wants to return to Doug and Maul him as he begins to realize with the help of his friends that Doug was abusing him and is not a good person.

Along the way the team gets into some hysterical and very off-color
adventures as they take on challenges big and small. The humor comes from
seeing everyday things we take for granted from the perspective of dogs
and in doing so you get a better understanding of just what might be going on with your pets.

While some segments did not work as well as others, the cast and jokes
worked well and there were plenty of laughs along the way as long as gross humor and blunt language are not a problem for you.

The film also has a nice theme about the need for dogs to be loved and
accepted without being overly sentimental but emphasizes that they are very capable of love, loyalty, and a range of emotions.
In the end “Strays” hits enough funny moments to make it an enjoyable and laugh- laden film that should delight dog owners and those looking for some R-rated fun.

4 stars out of 5