Night of the Caregiver Review

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It’s been a while since I had the good fortune share a review with you.

I very much hope that despite how grim the world looks at the moment, that whomever is taking the time to visit Skewed & Reviewed is doing well.


Today I have been given the privilege of sharing my thoughts with you on another film from the horror genre and am pleased to say that the quality of this film is far above some of the recent offerings I have viewed.


‘Night of the Caregiver’ is directed by Joe Cornet (who also has a prominent role in the film), and written by Craig Hamann. Starring Natalie Denise Sperl, Joe Cornet, Eileen Dietz, Anna Oris, and Eric Roberts; the film follows hospice nurse Julia Rowe (Sperl) whom is hired as a last minute replacement to care for Lillian Gresham (Dietz) whom is terminally ill and resides in her home in an extremely isolated California location. Regardless of Lillian’s condition, she and Julia establish a good repore and it appears the night will pass quietly. Concurrently, NYPD detective Roman Eckhart arrives in California in search of answers regarding the loss of his mother many years earlier. This search leads him to a parapsychologist (Roberts) whom appears to know more than he’s letting on. Meanwhile, Julia begins to encounter strange occurrences at the house amidst sporadic phone calls with her roommate Pamela (Oris) and becomes convinced that someone or something with insidious intentions is lurking in the house. Nightmares and reality seem to switch places and Julia begins to have difficulty decreeing one from the other. It is only when she becomes absolutely convinced that something is wrong and attempts to escape the house with Julia that the TRUE evil makes its grand entrance.


Definitely a ‘movie of the week’ kind of film and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. Solid premise, very good directing from a technical standpoint, decent acting on the part of the cast. The film is set for an online release date on September 14th. I say watching this film on a Friday night or weekend as part of a marathon. I give it a solid B. 3 out of 4 stars.

The build-up was perhaps a tad too long and one of the actors appeared to be reading from the script during filming which is NOT a bad thing, but they need to work a little better at ‘disguising’ the fact. The film is worth watching nonetheless.


On behalf of the people here at Skewed & Reviewed, thanks for reading and stay safe out there.