The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Is A Nostalgic Hunt Or Hunted Horror Adventure

The classic Tobe Hopper film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is the subject of a new interactive horror game of the same name and provides gamers with
a very detailed and intense experience.

Players will play as either members of the family such as Leatherface or
the Hitchhiker and will have to hunt various players who try to escape
their nightmare.

Players who play as victims will have to hide, gather objects, stay quiet, and more as they attempt to escape and stay alive. Players will be able to select from various victims and have to evade the hunters in a nightmare setting that is amongst the most highly-detailed locales every in a licensed adaptation.

Working your way through the basement of a farmhouse will have players hide in freezers and cabinets, squeeze through openings, gather objects, and make their way as quietly as they can.

Hunters will use traps, knifes, chainsaws, and more to injure and kill the players while making sure to feed Grandpa who will be able to help locate players who make to much noise which will give away their locale.

Encounters can be brutal as just when you think you have a path to
success, an appearance by a hunter can end the game in an array of gore as there is little defense against the saw.

I found that playing as a hunter was easier but the very vast and detailed
maps does lead to getting lost from time to time and having players be
able to fit through openings that you cannot with the saw can also be
frustrating and makes players have to develop solo and team based

I found the game works best for me in smaller doses such as two to three
rounds at a time as it was not the type of game where I could play for
hours at a time. That being said the detail and nostalgia level alone
makes the game a must for fans and the creepy fun is a must for horror

4 stars out of 5