I AM GROOT Delivers Humor And Charm In A New Season Of Shorts

A new round of animated fun has returned to Disney+ with new episodes of I AM GROOT”. The fun and lively shorts continue to the adventures of Groot in between his adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy while he was in his Young Groot phase around the time of the second movie.

Groot finds himself making friends, solving problems, and dealing with all kinds of frustrations and then solving them in his own unique way.

The animation is first-rate and the short adventures are perfect for all
ages as there is something for each member of the family to enjoy.

Vin Diesel returns to voice Groot and infuses charm, humor, and a range of emotions in Groot’s limited vocabulary largely due to the clever facial animations.

The new episodes are currently available on Disney+ as are the prior
season episodes and they are not to be missed.